Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest

Do you have a passion for photography? Are you able to capture the beauty of our planet and inspire others with pictures that you have taken?

Or, perhaps you're just like me, and all of your photos turn out grainy, awkward, and underwhelming. BUT by pure luck, sometimes the moon aligns with the cosmic forces of the universe and you manage to get one decent shot of our beautiful natural world. (I don't think I have a family member left who hasn't been forced to ooh and aah over my Tanzanian elephant picture...)

Regardless of if you're Rolf Hickler or, well... me, if you have managed to capture a good shot of nature, our friends over at the Nature Conservancy want to hear from you.
They are holding a photo contest this summer to help them illustrate the beauty of our planet and the need for greater conservation of our environment. They are looking for your most breathtaking images of nature, including lands, waters, plants, animals or people.

For more information, visit

Here at LOS, we're always looking for good oceans-related photos to add to our library as well. If you have good photos to donate (we will credit you appropriately), we would love to hear from you too!

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