Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Louisiana Fisherman's Story

Michael Roberts, a Louisiana fisherman whose livelihood has been destroyed by the Gulf oil spill writes about his experience. Here’s an excerpt:

"I tried not to let my grandson, Scottie, see me crying. I didn’t think he would understand, that I was crying for his stolen future. None of this will be the same, for decades to come. The damage is going to be immense and I do not think our lives here in south Louisiana will ever be the same."

Here’s the link to his story.

With all the talk of BP, clean up technology, and how the Obama administration has or has not effectively mitigated the situation, the human impact has often been overlooked.

The human impact: another argument for keeping the BC coast oil free. Visit the Living Oceans Society website for more information about the moratorium on offshore oil and gas in B.C.