Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Name This Spot! 2

Here is another scenic spot I have explored from time to time on my travels up and down the B.C. coast.
Just to be difficult I won't give out any clues this time. Sorry...
So if you feel you know where this special place is you can post your answer in the comments section on this blog.
You can also post any points of interest about this bit of coastal geography you might wish to share with our readers.

The winner will receive a copy of Living Oceans Society's, Fish for Thought, cookbook. If you like seafood and are interested in some information on your "catch of the day' then you will definitely want this book on your kitchen or galley shelf!
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  1. Hei Vern... Probably not a good idea to name your picture after the mystery spot.. :) Koeye Estuary.

    The other Vern...

  2. Hei Vern.. Name that spot is easy.. Just look at the picture name. Koeye Estuary.jpg. :)

    The computer guy..