Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Otesha Sunshine Coast Bike Tour 2009

The Otesha Project Sunshine Coast Bike Tour stopped in Sointula once again this year, as a part of the North Island leg of a 2,000+ kilometer tour that stops in towns and educates youth through theatre about the impacts that our choices have on the world around us.

The group performed at AJ Elliot Elementary School on Friday, June 12 and came back over to Malcolm Island to perform at the community hall on Sunday, June 14. I was thoroughly entertained by the performance, and was very impressed by the group's incredible energy. Otesha's goal of empowering youth to make their own positive life choices is very commendable.

The Otesha team was a joy to host in Sointula. I have had numerous community members remark about how nice it was to see all these smiling cyclists on the island over the weekend! Thanks for stopping by, Otesha, and please make sure to swing by Sointula again next year!

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  1. We met some of the Otesha kids on our way up to Sointula today--they'd stopped for lunch at Eve River just as we had, and we had a pleasant chat with them. Very likable and articulate...we wished them well.

    Crawford and Alice Kilian