Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finding Coral Expedition Wraps Up

The Finding Coral Expedition has now concluded. So, after all the effort and excitement, at the end of it all, did the members of the FCE team really "find coral" as they had intended?

Did they ever. The Finding Coral Expedition documented over 14 species of coral, ranging from small orange cup corals to metre-high red tree corals.

And while the Finding Coral Expedition has officially come to an end, the work has really only just begun. Over the next few months, the expedition scientists will be examining the samples, studying the underwater video footage, and documenting their findings. The Living Oceans Society's conservation strategy and community education efforts will then be based upon the scientists' research and conclusions.

Here is the last video from the ship. Mark and Tavi, your work speaks for itself: amazing. Thank you for the incredible videos that allowed me to live vicariously through my colleagues over the past couple of weeks.

Also, a special thanks to my fellow bloggers for posting about our expedition along the way: Ava at the Reef Tank, the folks at Oceana, Greg Laden, Jeff at Frag'd it, Mark Powell at Blogfish, the Deep-Sea News team, MCBI, and Rick at Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets. I'm sorry if I've left anyone off this list that has written about the FCE as well.

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  1. I have lived the past 2 weeks in BC's deep waters vicariously through you. Thank you for all of your fantastic posts about the Finding Coral Expeditions. The videos were amazing.