Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Wave Energy Project

The Canadian government recently gave $2.7 million to SyncWave Systems to fund the demonstration of an ocean wave converter on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

"The SyncWave Power Resonator is a next-generation frequency-based wave energy converter that tunes itself to maximize energy capture from the everchanging ocean swell" says Nigel Protter, President & CEO of SyncWave Systems Inc. "Additionally, our device was designed from the start to be simpler to mass produce and support, imperative to the goal of obtaining low cost bulk renewable energy from the sea. We’ve also spent a lot of time establishing viable markets for this technology and feel the time is now to seize a significant position in this rapidly emerging, potentially enormous, global environmental technology opportunity". 1
What do you think about this? Was this money well spent? Is this technology that could be brought to the North Island?


  1. depending on it's footprint , roads built, trees cut down etc. we'll have to see.a strong alternative to run of river. try googling gorlov turbine, i think this technology is better suited to the inside waters.

  2. I would have to know more about the impacts of wave energy structures on seafloor habitat, etc. But, as an alternative to non-renewable energy resources, it is definitely something worth exploring.