Thursday, March 5, 2009

February Survey Results

The results from our February survey are in!
When shown the statement "given the current world economic situation, I would now be more likely to support government policies that boost our economy at the expense of the environment",

0% of our readers strongly agreed
7% (2) of our readers agreed
18% (5) of our readers disagreed, and
74% (20) of our readers strongly disagreed with this statement

While most of us do not believe that the economy must come at the expense of the environment, not enough of us are taking action to make sure that our country's policies reflect our values. Under the guise of quick economic stimulus, the current federal government is dismantling measures that have been put in place to protect the environment. (For example, John Baird recently announced that Ottawa will be getting rid of 90% of the federal environmental assessments in order to facilitate a billion dollars worth of new infrastructure projects.) We need to let the federal government know that we value BOTH the economy AND the environment, and we expect them to make choices that reflect these values.

Thank you to everyone who participated in February's survey, and don't forget to respond to this month's survey question about the PNCIMA forum!

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