Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whale Interpretive Centre to House T044

Transient Killer Whales Jumping (Photo Credit: NOAA)

In this week's North Island Gazette, Mary Borrowman of Stubbs Island Whale Watching gives us more information about what has happened to the carcass of the male transient orca found near Telegraph Cove late last month.

Bill and Donna Mackay of Mackay Whale Watching found the whale floating in the water near Bull Harbour and, once news got out, members of the community came together to help bring the whale to Telegraph Cove for the necropsy that took place last week. The dead whale was identified as 32-year-old T044 because of a notch in the dorsal fin and distinctive scratches on the saddle patch; but the cause of T044's death is still unknown.

Once the whale has been cleaned and articulated, it will be housed in the Johnstone Strait Killer Whale Interpretive Centre in Telegraph Cove.

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