Monday, February 2, 2009

Google Ocean

Sylvia Earle introduces Google Ocean
Google has done it again. Yesterday, Google launched its most recent iteration of the popular global mapping software, Google Earth 5.0, generating much excitement and media attention. The biggest buzz is around the addition of the Google Ocean feature to this incredible educational resource. I could go on about the myriad of features that Google Ocean offers (for free!) through its 20 layers of ocean information, but why not take some time to explore the 3D ocean terrain, the marine life, the shipwrecks, the historical imagery, and all of the other features of our diverse ocean yourself?

If you're pressed for time or imagination, I would suggest that you at least check out this two-minute video, in which the folks at BBC give you their own whirlwind tour of this upgraded software. It's well worth the watch, and it may inspire you for further exploration on your own!

Have you already explored the new Google Ocean? Tell us your favorite features in the comments section of this post!

To read about John Davis, a Canadian who contributed to the content of Google Ocean, click here.

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