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Check Out Oceana TV


Finally a new internet channel we can go to which is devoted to Ocean Conservation and Marine Research. Considering the fact that the majority of our planet is covered in water there should be no shortage of subject material for this channel!

Oceana TV will begin its broadcast with sections in English and Spanish with the latest news on bluefin tuna and the need to protect vulnerable habitats. Statements by celebrities are also included

The organisation has an archive of more than 50,000 photographs and hundreds of hours of footage that include unpublished images of the oceans around the world

Oceana, the international organisation dedicated to conserving the world's oceans, launches Oceana TV, an Internet television channel in Spanish and English that can be accessed through their web page ( With this new platform, Oceana inaugurates a unique and new communication medium to inform the public about its activities and campaigns using a high-quality audiovisual format.

Oceana has an archive of 500 hours of footage and over 50,000 high-quality spectacular photographs, many of which are unpublished. This graphic collection will be complemented by the participation of marine biologists and those in charge of specific campaigns who will contribute their first-hand knowledge about current issues.

Xavier Pastor, Executive Director of Oceana, explains: "Our objective is to make the public aware of the work Oceana carries out in defence of the oceans and seas, and to show the critical situation of many species due to overfishing, the use of destructive fishing gear or contamination. Oceana TV combines scientific rigour with a language that is attractive for all publics. In other words, viewers can simply enjoy the amazing images of the ocean depths, or they can also use the platform to access reports that delve deeper into the information to then make an informed opinion and react on behalf of marine conservation issues."

The channel premiere will consist of three sections:

Ø Oceana TV Special, in which Oceana presents its objectives and some of its most important achievements. The section will include statements by Miguel Bosé and images of celebrities that support Oceana, such as Ted Danson, Hillary Clinton, Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan and Antonio Banderas.
Ø Oceana in Action, the first programme will deal with the critical conservation state of bluefin tuna due to overfishing.
Ø Oceana Documentary, the first edition includes images of ecologically valuable marine habitats and the work carried out by the organisation's research vessels.

The Oceana TV programme schedule will be updated on a monthly basis, so the schedule will always include one or two new sections. Previous sections can still be accessed.

Currently, Oceana has various channels to disseminate information, including a monthly newsletter, an emailed photograph of the month, press releases, as well as many scientific and economic reports and publications that can be accessed through the web page. Most of the material is available in English and Spanish, and in some cases, in other languages such as French, Italian and German.

Access OCEANA TV at

We are sorry to communicate that Oceana TV cannot be accessed through Firefox, but we are trying to solve this inconvenience. You can access it through Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, and Netscape.

If you have any difficulty in accessing Oceana TV or have any comments, please contact us at

Plaza España-Leganitos 47. 28013 Madrid, Spain
Tel.: + 34 911 440 880 Fax: + 34 911 440 890 E-mail: Web:

Oceana is an international organization that works to protect and recover the oceans in the world. Our crew of marine scientists, economists, lawyers, and other contributors are achieving specific and concrete changes in the legislation to reduce the contamination and to prevent the irreversible collapse of fish stocks, to protect the marine mammals and other forms of marine life. With offices in Europe – Madrid (Spain) and Brussels (Belgium), in North America – Washington (DC), Juneau (Alaska), Los Angeles (CA), and in South America – Santiago (Chile). More than 300,000 collaborators and e-activists in 150 countries have already joined Oceana. For more information, visit

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