Thursday, September 4, 2008

12 Key Principles for Influential Advocates

Last week I attended an 'ENGO Advocacy' workshop in Ottawa. (ENGO = Environmental Non-Governmental Organization). One of the hand-outs we received was titled "Twelve Key Principles for Influential Advocates". It lists tips for people who are meeting with decision makers, and I think this is relevant not only to people who work for non-governmental organizations, but also for anyone who is advocating for something. So I'm sharing the list here.

1. It's a Conversation - don't bring a laundry list.
2. Stay Calm, but be Yourself - show that you're confident.
3. It's about Relationships - the first question should be "How are you?".
4. Be Mainstream - if you say you're on the sidelines, you will be seen as such.
5. Do Your Homework - make sure you know who the person you're meeting with reports to, and what they're able to make decisions on.
6. Focus on Solutions - research what works and be prepared to share that information
7. Responsiveness - this is essential.
8. Work All Levels - political, senior and junior staff, agency, regional if applicable
9. Get Representation Right - don't go into a meeting representing a group or entity that you don't have the authority to speak for.
10. Timing - some things just can't move sometimes and it's better to ride the wave and wait for the right moment.
11. Put a little water in your wine - you almost never can get it all.
12. Thank - whether you get what you want or not, maintain the relationships of those you trust.

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  1. although all government officials are keepers of our land and waters,they tend to forget this in favor of opportunity to further their political agenda,which might not be good for lands and waters.
    We need to remind them that it is not for us to destroy ,deplete in favor of short term goals.
    Our children will suffer the consequences.