Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First time I've had fish from the dock

I know, I know.....I live in Sointula and have never had fish off a Sointula fishing boat? I think I can be forgiven as we've only lived on the North Island for three summers now.
The first summer, there seemed to be a lot of surplus because people kept giving it to us. Last year, I don't even think we had an opening in the Strait, and I heard that the fishing was so crappy up North that we didn't even want to ask...does anyone have fish? This year there was an opening though.
So my partner found out at the hardware store what time the boats would be getting back in, and went down to the docks at the appointed time with cash in hand and my three year old in tow. Well, he was like a kid in a candy shop! He went totally crazy and bought like eighteen pink salmon! We don't even have a freezer! Plus, everyone said "you don't smoke pink", so what the heck were wer going to do with it all?
Well, I've got to tell you that pink smokes really nice! Apparently, there's a certain way it needs to be done. All I know is that it tastes fabulous. And I feel content in knowing that these guys were caught right in my own backyard.

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